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It is 2008 and I am still Michael Hoffman

A while back I wrote a post about how there are just too many Michael Hoffman’s out there and with Google I am connected to all of them, even the anti-Semite Michael Hoffman who consistently gets top billing on Google. It is a story really about how the web connects people who otherwise would never know each other. Take a minute now to Google yourself and all of your top staff or consultants. You might be surprised at who else comes up.

I was recently contacted by yet another Michael Hoffman who asked me to link to his website. Here it is.

I still need some help with this so that we can dislodge the evil Michael Hoffman from his Google and Wikipedia rankings. So, if you can spare a link, please put “Michael Hoffman” on your site somewhere and link it to this post or better yet the first one I did.


Well, now you have other Michael Hoffman’s trying to catch your Michael Hoffman fire. I think your master plan is working.

Hey Michael Hoffman- for us, you are the one and only, the authentic, the essential, the amazing, the loving, the best, the brilliant Michael HOffman there is….F and B

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