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Free Teleconference: Creating an Online Video Strategy

Network for Good will host Michael Hoffman, See3 CEO, for its “Nonprofit 911″ teleconference, “Creating an Online Video Strategy“. Michael will talk about the new paradigm of online video, and what your organization can do using the resources it has available. He’ll also touch on different styles of video (see examples below) as well as cost factors associated with each.

What if your local TV station came to you and asked your organization to program their channel for the day? “Go ahead”, they would said. “Tell the world all about what you do and why it’s important.” What if they asked you to program the channel for a week, or a month, or a year? You would completely freak out. You are not equipped to provide that much video content. But guess what? As the infrastructure of TV and the web come together your website is becoming a channel. Are you ready?

The teleconference will be on Tuesday, February 17 at 1pm EST. Sign up for more details.

American Jewish World Service (Passover)

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Amnesty International (Extraordinary Rendition)

Amnesty International (Now You Know)

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NARAL Pro-Choice America

Girl Effect

Why Tuesday


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