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Mixing and Matching Debate Footage – Fair Use Yet Again

Keeping with my recent political theme… I saw on the site of Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate, video he mashed up from the debate. I was thinking… can he do that? Is it Fair Use? Did he get permission or pay? MSNBC putout some crazy rules for their debate footage, saying it couldn’t be used on the internet basically. Yeah right. Joe Biden ignored them, and I would also because there is no way they are going after a presidential candidate with a cease and desist order.

Then I just saw this from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

* CNN To Free Debate Footage for Remixing, Re-Use

When the presidential debates are aired by CNN on June 3rd and 5th, the public will be able to edit, remix, parody and publish the footage — without worrying about copyright violation. CNN has pledged to make debate footage available to the public “without restriction.” [Here’s the link to CNN’s press release on the subject.]

CNN’s decision comes on the heels of an open letter from a broad coalition of scholars, public advocates, and Internet entrepreneurs calling for the release of all debate footage under a Creative Commons license. Several major candidates have also joined the call.

This fight isn’t over yet, however. Not all future debates will be hosted by CNN. If MSNBC’s rules concerning re-use of footage of the May 3rd debate footage get picked up by other stations, some of the important discourse concerning the election of our next President will remain locked up by big media companies.

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