Hillel International
Alignment & Digital Strategy

See3’s strategy and alignment work with Hillel International increased Israel trip registration by 40% in less than one year.

“Being able to help our marketing manager focus on just marketing freed up the rest of the team to focus on recruiting,” said Sara Teichman, the Associate Vice President of Immersive Israel Experiences at Hillel International. “We are now able to bring in new audiences, provide better support to our college campus partners, and grow our number of national partners.”

Hillel International’s Immersive Israel Experiences team helps thousands of young adults participate in a variety of trips to Israel every year. But the organization struggled to find new audiences for its Birthright Israel trips, which are free, two-week adventures for people ages 18-26.

In addition, the Immersive Israel Experiences team recognized that they needed a new focus on organizational alignment. Five different people were reviewing each Birthright Israel email, and digital content was made ad-hoc.

“We brought on a marketing manager, but we didn't know how to focus her portfolio and were just throwing everything at the wall,” Sara said. “What we realized is that we needed some strategy.”

What that really meant, though, was another story.

See3 worked with Hillel International to create an in-depth digital communications strategy that ultimately helped the team better connect with one another and with Birthright Israel audiences.

The process included conducting a series of interviews with former Birthright participants, trip organizers, and others. See3 did a deep dive into digital metrics to understand how existing content was performing and identify areas for improvement. All of this culminated in an interactive workshop, where the Immersive Israel Experiences team designed new ways to collaborate and draw in audiences online.

“The project process was amazing,” Sara said. “See3 was great moving things along, and held everyone accountable when stuff was due. They were proactive about communicating with us, and we never needed to push for anything to get done.”

After the workshop, See3 created an organizational alignment guide to drive the digital strategy. The guide included new meeting structures and agendas, content review guidelines, an editorial calendar template, methods for collecting stories from Birthright Israel participants, and suggestions for creating deeper, more engaging digital content for a variety of audiences.

“I keep the guide in front of me, and set a calendar reminder for myself to look back at it once a month and make sure the team is asking the right questions,” Sara said. “We feel more organized and planful with it.”

The shifts Sara and her team at Hillel International have made are bringing profound, positive change to the organization’s Birthright Israel program. In the year since the project was completed, the organization saw a 40% increase in trip registration. And Sara doesn’t see the popularity dying down.

“We changed our team meeting structure. We’re focusing on stories. We streamlined the people reviewing copy; we're using our time more efficiently. It’s about taking everyone’s best assets and using them,” Sara explains. “We’re getting ready to offer even more trips next year. I fully attribute this growth in popularity to our improved digital strategy.”